Online Banking: Free Comparison and Online Quotes

You want to change banks and opt for opening an online account? Betsey helps you find the best online bank with the lowest bank charges. Nearly 3.5 million French people have already made the choice of an online bank. Why not you?

Since the 2000s, several online banks have developed to compete with traditional banks. Offering their services on the internet, they relied more on simplified account management and more attractive bank and commission fees. The given service is therefore identical, even without physical agencies.


The different types of online banking

online banking

There are 4 types of bank on the internet to distinguish:

  • The “pure players” (Saitama Bank, Bling Direct, Lisabanq, Newsegment bank, Mellow Bank, Furtunebank): offering advantageous rates only online without physical agencies;
  • The online services of traditional banks or remote banks (e-CLC, LaBanque): tariffs are those of the traditional bank with online management;
  • Bancassurers (Exu Banque, Purpleright Bank ): rates are those of insurers’ banking services with online management;
  • Neobanks (B26, Marga Account, C-Wam): mobile banks where all the management of the account is done online on an application at preferential rates.


Why choose an online bank?

choose online bank?

To stand out from the competition, online banks offer lower rates than traditional banks. On a daily basis, it is therefore possible to save money on your bank account management as well as your operations, for example:

  • A free credit card: as much on classic cards as premiums, according to your income;
  • No account maintenance fees;
  • No charges on intervention fees and reduced overdraft fees;
  • No charges on transfers or withdrawals.


Access to your accounts 24/7

Access to your accounts 24/7

Without physical agencies, online banks give you the opportunity to access your online banking services whenever you want. Compared to traditional banks, most market players offer a more advanced mobile or online application. For example, you can manage your bank accounts and options, track your expenses on the statement of account, cap your expenses or set up alerts.

In addition, online advisers are available by phone to answer all your questions but on larger time slots. You will be able to contact them earlier in the morning (8h) and later in the evening (19-20h) but also on Saturdays, unlike traditional banks.

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